Textile Frames

We offer many different aluminum textile frames, frame constructions, textile prints, accessories and connectors.

All our products are based on the combination of ingeniously designed frames and high quality textile prints. The prints are fitted with a silicone strip that fits exactly into the groove of the frame. The picture illustrates this concept.

Mounting prints with silicone strips is very easy. The quality is exceptional, regardless of the size of the frame. You won't find a single crease, even in displays as large as 6×3 meters. And mounting a print is just a matter of minutes.

Quality is an important value for us. We only use the best materials. We are not satisfied until you are. We are here to advise and serve you!

Multiple Applications

Amazing simplicity

Our aluminium frames with textile printing offer countless application possibilities.

The textile frames can be mounted on walls, ceilings, doors and any other covered location you can think of. The frames can be hung permanently or temporarily. We offer all the accessories needed to mount them anywhere you want.

Main Characteristics

Applicable to all our Textile Frames

  • The prints are easy to change even without any display experience
  • High-quality appearance, innovative and clearly recognizable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Offers many different application options

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Product Features

1. Versatile

Use our Textile Frames wherever you want. We offer solutions for every situation.

2. Multi Functional

Choose from wall-mounted, floor-standing, free-hanging or integrated systems.

3. Immaculate Visuals

Avoid ordering new images every time you want to replace a textile frame.

4. Cost-saving Solution

Get comparable or higher quality for lower than average prices.

No wrinkles! Watch the video and convince yourself

Even after extreme folding and creasing of the images, our Textile Frame Visuals are as good as new.

This video proves it!

Dutch Quality Product

Our products are produced and pre-assembled in the Netherlands. This ensures high quality standards and fast delivery.

Innovative Flexibility

We are constantly innovating our products to meet the highest industry standards. And the flexibility you're looking for.

Brochures Available

All items in our wide product range are also available in clear pdf brochures. Please contact us for the brochure and correct price list.