Combine style with acoustic comfort thanks to our versatile acoustic frames, ideal for any hotel or resort striving for a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment.

In the world of luxury and hospitality, the guest’s experience is king. Our acoustic frames are designed with exactly that in mind. Finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, these frames transform any room into a visual masterpiece while optimizing acoustics. Whether the vibrant energy in the lobby or the quiet serenity of a conference room, these frames ensure a sound environment as impressive as their appearance. They can be customized with various materials such as MDF, tendon cloth or dibond aluminum, and can reach up to 6 meters high, providing an imposing presence. In addition, they are easily integrated with accessories such as LED walls, shelves and even doors. Choose our acoustic frames and take a step toward creating spaces that are not only beautiful, but also provide acoustic comfort for your guests.

Modular floors for Hotels & Resorts

In the world of luxury and hospitality, every detail is essential. We understand that, which is why we designed our modular raised floors with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. These floors are the perfect solution for spaces that need to shine and be functional at the same time. Cables and drains are effortlessly concealed, while the surface can be personalized with any design. Add the option of ambient under-lighting and you have a floor that not only impresses, but also stands the test of time. Whether it’s heavy furniture or a crowded event, our floors are built for it. And with the ease of assembly and disassembly, you can be confident that changes are made quickly and efficiently.

Textile Frames for Hotels & Resorts

Atmosphere, experience and a touch of exclusivity are indispensable in the world of hotels and resorts. With our textile frames, we offer just that. Transform your lobbies, rooms and conference halls into places where guests immediately feel at home while being surprised. These frames are not only visually stunning but also flexible. Depending on the season, a special event or just to renew the ambiance, they can be easily modified. By choosing our textile frames, you are choosing dynamism, style and a constant renewal of the look of your spaces. Make your vision a reality and offer your guests a unique experience every time.

Led Frames for Hotels & Resorts

In the hospitality industry, lighting and presentation are key factors that determine the atmosphere and experience of a space. We offer LED frames perfectly tailored to these needs, taking the ambiance of your hotel or resort to the next level. Our LED frames are available both single and double sided, making them suitable for any space and design concept. Whether you choose a freestanding model to make a statement in your lobby, or a wall-hung frame to highlight artwork or promotions, we have the solution for you. What’s unique about our frames is that they can be made in any size to seamlessly integrate into your interior design. In addition, the tendon cloths in our frames are not only replaceable, but also reusable, providing durability and cost savings. And the best? Despite their striking appearance, they have low energy costs. Choose our LED frames and combine style, functionality and sustainability in your hotel or resort.

Modular Walls for Hotels & Resorts

Creating an atmospheric space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge. With our modular walls, we offer hotels and resorts the flexibility and style they need to transform any space. Our standardized frame sizes ensure uniformity and seamless integration into any interior. These frames are interconnected with a very strong joint, ensuring stability and durability. The real magic, however, lies in personalization. Whether you choose elegant cladding with MDF, vibrant visuals on tendon cloths or a sleek finish with dibond aluminum, our modular walls can be fully customized to suit your needs. They can be built to an impressive height of 6 meters and can be constructed both freestanding and in 3D, offering endless possibilities for spatial layouts and designs. In addition, they can be fitted with various accessories such as doors, LED walls and shelves, making them perfect for both functional and decorative purposes. With our modular walls, you have the tools to create a unique, customized atmosphere for your guests.

Acoustic Frames for Hotels & Resorts

In the dynamic world of hotels and resorts, comfort is as important as aesthetics. Our acoustic frames are the perfect answer. They combine form and function to create spaces that are not only visually appealing, but also acoustically optimized. With standardized frame sizes, they fit seamlessly into any interior design, while the strong connection between the frames ensures a solid and durable solution. The uniqueness of these frames is their versatility: they can be covered with MDF, tendon cloth or dibond aluminum, giving you complete control over the aesthetics. With the ability to build up to 6 meters high and construct both freestanding and in 3D, the design possibilities are endless. But what these frames really excel at is their ability to optimize sound, contributing to a quiet and serene environment for your guests. Accessories such as doors, LED walls and shelves can be easily added, making them ideal for any space, from lobbies to conference rooms. Choose our acoustic frames and offer your guests an unparalleled combination of design and comfort.

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Innovative Flexibility

We constantly innovate our products to meet the highest industry standards. And the flexibility you are looking for.

Dutch Quality Product

Our products are manufactured and (pre-)assembled in the Netherlands. This guarantees a high standard of quality and ensures fast delivery.

Multi Functional Frames

Whether you want to make your store stand out, pursue a unique atmosphere in your office or restaurant, or seek an impactful backdrop for an event or conference; we offer the perfect customized solution.

Sustainability Central

In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, we are committed to green initiatives. Our exhibition stands and modular systems are designed for reuse and minimize waste.

Global Connections, Local Approach

Thanks to our international network, we have a global presence but remain local in our approach and services. Wherever you are, you can count on our trusted service.

Quick and Easy to Set Up

Time is money. Therefore, our systems are designed for quick and easy installation without sacrificing sturdiness and style.

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