Each organization is unique, with its own specific wants and needs. For that reason, we offer products specifically tailored to what you need. We strive to update our product listing regularly. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will find the perfect solution for your situation.

Save time and money with our modular products


Exhibition Stand Systems

Our M Series offers standardized products with simple and solid frame connections, supported by our selection of connectors for quick assembly.”


Modular Textile Frames

We offer a wide range of aluminum textile frames, prints and related accessories.

LED textiel frame

LED Frames

Our durable prints do not crease and are reusable; watch our VIDEO for more info and enjoy our economically priced LED light boxes!


Modular LED wall

The “M Series” modular LED wall offers professionals flexibility in size and design and is very user-friendly.


Modular floors

Exposure Systems offers modular building and floor systems for a variety of markets, including the innovative, easy-to-use M-Floor with high load-bearing capacity.

Dare to Connect

Our goal every day is to satisfy our customers so that they become ambassadors of our products and services. Customer satisfaction is the best service we can provide.

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