Our modular product group (M Series) consists of a wide range of standardized products. The frames have very distinctive rounded cutouts on the outside of the frame. These cutouts are milled at precise distances and have exactly the same diameter, facilitating solid connections between frames. Our selection of connectors allows quick and constructive assembly of any desired combination.

Exhibition booth in 40 seconds video

Save time and money with our modular product groups

Modular Exhibition Stand Systems

The modular M Series consists of a wide range of standardized products with straight and curved frames, accessories and graphics.

Modular Textile Frames

Create quality textile prints in any size easily and quickly. Equipped with acoustic material or LED lighting. Hanging, freestanding or double-sided. Frames available in a variety of colors.

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Modular Stand Construction

Modular design & limitless possibilities

Our modular booth construction combines flexibility with durability and aesthetics. Quick to adapt to various spaces, environmentally friendly due to reusable components, and always with a clean and functional design to present your brand in the best possible way.

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LED Lightboxes

Grab your customer’s attention

Our high-quality LED Light Boxes and unique incorruptible graphics ensure that you can use them again and again. The unique visual treatment ensures that you can use and reuse our prints because they do not crease or distort. Watch our VIDEO for more information on how we do this. We are proud to offer high quality LED light boxes – far below average market prices!

Most Versatile System

Prize Winning System

The M Series consists of double-sided frames and can therefore be paneled or textile printed on both sides.

Our M Series is designed to provide both panels and textile prints with a silicone strip, allowing endless variations with different materials to achieve the desired look.

Two Frame Types

Permanent or Assembling

Our “Permanent Frames” are fixed structures and are very popular with booth builders. They are widely used in permanent applications.

The “Assembling Frames” have demountable frame sections that can be easily connected with our Quick-Lock system. Even inexperienced users can compose any frame within 90 seconds.

Is it better to buy or rent a trade show booth?

Is it better to buy or rent a trade show booth? Exposure Systems simplifies the international trade show experience by expertly managing storage, logistics, regulations and more. Discover the ideal solution for your exhibit needs.


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Dare to Connect

Our goal every day is to satisfy our customers so that they become ambassadors of our products and services. Customer satisfaction is the best service we can provide.

You'll love us. Here's why.

Innovative Flexibility

We constantly innovate our products to meet the highest industry standards. And the flexibility you are looking for.

Dutch Quality Product

Our products are manufactured and (pre-)assembled in the Netherlands. This guarantees a high standard of quality and ensures fast delivery.

Multi Functional Frames

Whether you want to make your store stand out, pursue a unique atmosphere in your office or restaurant, or seek an impactful backdrop for an event or conference; we offer the perfect customized solution.

Sustainability Central

In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, we are committed to green initiatives. Our exhibition stands and modular systems are designed for reuse and minimize waste.

Global Connections, Local Approach

Thanks to our international network, we have a global presence but remain local in our approach and services. Wherever you are, you can count on our trusted service.

Quick and Easy to Set Up

Time is money. Therefore, our systems are designed for quick and easy installation without sacrificing sturdiness and style.

Product Features

1. Versatile

This modular system can be used in events, offices, stores and more.

2. Precision Manufacturing

Producing in the Netherlands ensures high quality and fast delivery throughout Europe.

3. Multi Functional

Build anything with our wide range of frames, accessories, visuals, doors and LED integrations.

4. Cost-saving solution

Reusing our modular system provides cost savings compared to traditional timber construction, for example.

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