Modular LED Walls
Modular Floor System

"Our product range offers a high quality, user-friendly and durable solution for the exhibition, retail and sign
industry. We strongly believe that the modular simplicity, flexibility and reusability is an important contributor to the broad applicability of our products."

Modular Exhibition Stand Systems

Save time and money with our modular product range

The modular M-series consists of a wide range of standardized products with straight and curved frames, accessories and graphics.

The frames have very distinctive rounded cutouts on the outside of the frame. These cut-outs are milled at precise distances and have exactly the same diameter, which simplifies solid connections between the different frames. Our selection of connectors and accessories allow for quick and structurally sound mounting of any desired combination.

Textile Frames

Cut costs by improving quality

Compare the prices of our textile frames with your current costs. We're confident you'll save money while also increasing the quality you're used to.

Endless possibilities

Suitable for any application

With our permanent or temporary wall-mounted, free-standing or ceiling-hung textile frames, you'll always find one that's right for you.

LED LightBoxes

Grab the attention of your customer

Our high quality LED Light Boxes and unique un-wrinkleable graphics ensure that you can use them again and again. The unique visual treatment ensures that you can use and reuse our prints because they do not crease or warp.

Watch our VIDEO to learn more about how we do it. We are proud of it LED light boxes to offer high quality products - far below the average prices on the market!

Edge Illuminated

Our LED frames are 'edge lit' (lit from the edges) without losing light density in the middle of - larger - images.

Double and Single Sided

Order all types of frames you want. We offer both single and double lit LED frames.

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Innovative Flexibility

We are constantly innovating our products to meet the highest industry standards. And the flexibility you're looking for.

Multi Functional Frames

Looking for promotion for your event, store, office, restaurant, home or conference? We offer them all!

Dutch Quality Product

Our products are produced and pre-assembled in the Netherlands. This guarantees a high quality standard and ensures fast delivery.

Product Features

1. Multi Purpose

Use our LED light boxes wherever you want. We offer solutions for every situation.

2. Multi Functional

Choose from our wall-mounted, floor-standing, free-hanging or integrated systems.

3. Immaculate Visuals

Avoid ordering new visuals every time you want to install a temporary LED Light Box.

4. Cost saving solutions

Get similar or higher quality LED light boxes at lower than average prices.

Dare to Connect

Our goal is to satisfy our customers every day so that they become ambassadors of our products and services. Customer satisfaction is the best service we can offer.

This is what our clients experience by working with us.