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Enrich your hospital’s environment with our customized solutions, from raised floors to acoustic frames. Our products are ideal for creating a calming, functional and visually appealing space. They not only offer practical benefits, such as improved acoustics and flexible room layouts, but also contribute to a positive and healing environment for patients, visitors and staff.

In the caring and healing environment of hospitals, the experience of patients, visitors and staff plays a crucial role. Our products are designed with this important principle in mind. From raised floors that give any space a neat and hygienic look, to textile frames that transform hallways and waiting areas into soothing art galleries. Our LED frames and LED Video Walls offer clear and crisp information while creating a pleasant atmosphere. The acoustic frames improve the sound environment in crowded areas, contributing to a calming experience. Our modular partitions offer flexible and practical solutions for space partitioning, essential for privacy and efficiency in healthcare.

Each element combines functionality with pleasing design, designed to transform any hospital space into a visually appealing and functional environment. Whether it is the dynamism in the reception area or the tranquility in patient rooms, our products create an environment that is not only practical, but also contributes to the well-being and comfort of everyone in the hospital. Customizable with various materials and styles, our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing décor. Choose our products and help create a hospital environment where care, comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Modular floors for Hospitals

Our modular raised floors from Exposure Systems are a valuable addition to the hospital environment, where a harmony between functionality, safety and a pleasant atmosphere is essential. They are carefully designed to solve practical problems such as cable and drain concealment, resulting in a safe and tidy space. The customizable surface offers an opportunity to give any space a warm and inviting feel, something that can contribute to patient well-being and staff working comfort. Subtle underlighting can create a soothing atmosphere while also being practical, for example by providing directions. These floors are strong enough to handle the daily strain and weight of medical equipment while being easily adaptable to a hospital’s changing needs. Thus, our modular raised floors combine functionality with a sense of care and consideration for the hospital environment.

Textile Frames for Hospitals

Our textile frames offer a warm and personal touch in the hospital environment, where a pleasant atmosphere contributes to the recovery and well-being of patients. These frames can be provided with soothing images, inspirational quotes or artwork that matches the hospital’s identity. They are not only a visually appealing addition to waiting rooms, hallways and patient rooms, but also offer the flexibility to adapt the environment to the seasons or special occasions. This makes the textile frames a dynamic element that contributes to a positive and healing atmosphere, where patients and staff feel supported and inspired.

Led Frames for Hospitals

In the caring environment of hospitals, our LED Frames from Exposure Systems play a key role in conveying important information clearly and attractively. Whether single- or double-sided, freestanding or wall-mounted, these frames fit seamlessly into any space thanks to their customizable dimensions. They are ideal for displaying signage, health advisories or inspirational messages, with the flexibility to update content easily and regularly due to the replaceable and reusable tendon cloths. This ensures that patients, visitors and staff always have access to current and relevant information. In addition, the energy-efficient features of these frames contribute to the hospital’s sustainability goals. With these LED Frames, hospitals create an environment that is not only informative and efficient, but also radiates warmth and attention, essential to a positive healthcare experience.

LED Video Walls for Hospitals

Our LED Video Walls are a modern and effective way to provide information and entertainment in hospitals. With their large size and high resolution, they are perfect for displaying important information, signage or even relaxing images in waiting rooms. These video walls are easy to operate and can be effortlessly connected to a laptop, making them flexible for various purposes. Their energy-efficient design makes them a sustainable choice, while the brightness ensures that the contents are clearly visible even from a great distance. This makes them not only practical for everyday use, but also a source of comfort and distraction for patients and visitors who may spend extended periods of time in the hospital.

Acoustic Frames for Hospitals

Our acoustic frames are an ideal solution for creating a quieter and more comfortable environment in hospitals. In areas such as waiting rooms and patient rooms, where a calm atmosphere is essential, these frames can significantly help reduce noise pollution. This creates a more relaxed and stress-free environment, which benefits the well-being of patients and visitors. The frames can feature various designs, making them not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They help absorb sound and improve overall acoustics, contributing to a calm and healing atmosphere in the hospital.

Modular Partitions for Hospitals

Our modular partitions offer hospitals a flexible and practical solution for creating private spaces and waiting rooms. These walls, with their standardized sizes and strong connections, are quick and easy to set up, making them ideal for the dynamic and changing needs of a hospital environment. They can be customized with different visuals, such as MDF, tendon cloths or dibond aluminum, giving any room a soothing and pleasant atmosphere. With the ability to build up to 6 meters high, they provide ample privacy and spaciousness, while the free-standing and 3D construction option allows for versatile design. The addition of functional accessories such as doors, LED walls and shelves not only increases usability, but also contributes to a warm and inviting environment for patients, visitors and staff. These modular partitions are thus a valuable and empathetic contribution to the caring atmosphere in hospitals.

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