Our LED Frames grab the attention of your customer

Our unique uncrumpled graphics are standard and ensure that you can use them again and again.

Our unique visual treatment ensures that you can use and continue to reuse our prints because they won't crease or warp. Watch our VIDEO to satisfy your curiosity about how we do it.

Is this treatment much more expensive? No! We are proud of our LED light boxes far below the average prices on the market!

Compare the advantageous LED Frames prices yourself!

Unbreakable Visuals

No more wrinkles or tears

Our unique treatment ensures that your LED images remain perfect. Even after folding or wringing, for example during transport.

Competitive Prices

Cut costs by improving quality

Compare our prices to your current costs. We're confident you'll save money while also increasing the quality you're used to.

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Product Features

1. Versatile

Use our LED light boxes wherever you want. We offer solutions for every situation.

2. Multi Functional

Choose from wall-mounted, floor-standing, free-hanging or integrated systems.

3. Immaculate Visuals

Avoid ordering new visuals over and over again when you want to install a temporary LED Light Box.

4. Cost effective

Get similar or higher quality LED light boxes at lower than average prices.

Versatile LED Frames

Looking for an LED light box for your event, shop or office? We offer them all!

Edge Illuminated

Our LED frames are 'edge lit' (lit from the edges) without losing light density in the middle of - larger - images.

Double and Single Sided

Order all the frames you need. We offer both single and double lit LED frames.

No wrinkles! Watch the video and see for yourself

Even after extreme folding and creasing of the images, our LED prints are as good as new.

This video proves it!