Modular trade show stands must be easy to build and reusable

Our modular product group (M-series) consists of a wide range of standardized products.

The frames have distinctive rounded cutouts on the outside of the frame. These cutouts are milled at precise distances and have exactly the same diameter, making it easy to create solid connections between the different frames. Our selection of connectors allows for quick and constructively solid assembly of any desired combination.

Most Versatile System

Price Winning System

The M-series consists of double-sided frames and can therefore be fitted with panels or textile prints on both sides.

Our M-Series is designed to cover both panels and textile prints with a silicone strip, allowing for endless variations with different materials to achieve the desired look.

Two Frame Types

Permanent or Assembling

Our permanent frames are fixed structures and are very popular with exhibitors. They are widely used in permanent applications.

The Assembling Frames have removable frame parts that can be easily connected with our Quick-Lock system. Even inexperienced users can assemble each frame within 90 seconds.

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Save money and time

Reuse the original materials when building exhibition stands with a modular system. It saves you money and you save the environment.

Innovative Flexibility

We are constantly innovating our products to meet the highest industry standards. And of course, we continue to offer the flexible services you're looking for.

Brochures Available

All items in our wide product range are also available in clear pdf brochures. Please contact us for the appropriate brochures and price lists.

Product Features

1. Multi Purpose

This modular system can be used in events, offices, stores and more.

2. Precision Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the Netherlands ensures high quality and fast delivery throughout Europe.

3. Multi Functional

Make it all happen with our wide range of frames, accessories, visuals, doors and LED integrations.

4. Cost Saving

Reusing our modular system provides cost savings compared to f.e. traditional timber construction.

Easily build any exhibition stand you can think of

Our modular product group (M-series) consists of a wide range of standardized products with straight and curved frames, accessories and graphics.

Imagination is the only limit!