Modular Exhibition Stand Systems for Stand Builders

Exposure Systems' modular exhibition stand system (M-Series) has numerous configuration options and is easily expandable with LED light boxes, pantries and soundproof rooms for sales calls and meetings.

Also, TVs can be easily mounted on the system with the M-Series Television Kit. The modular system is easy to build by one person without any tools.

Scalable stand system with wide configuration options
The modules can be reused and built up in different setups. For example, the frame can be placed in a corner at one trade show, but by adapting some of the frame modules, it can also be used in an intermediate arrangement.

Easy to assemble and reusable images
Visuals can be easily attached to the frame and are easy to remove. In this way, the visuals and the frame can be reused and used flexibly.

High quality aluminum and high quality images
Quality is one of Exposure Systems' spearheads. That's why we only work with A-grade aluminum and high-quality textiles. Our expandable stand systems allow you to offer customers ease of use, extensive functionality and a wide range of applications.

This way you always offer your customers a suitable exhibition stand. Ask for the possibilities:

Products Designed for Stand Builders

Products available in any size

Unlimited Configuration Possibilities

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Perfect Technical Support

Discover our unique wrinkle-free textiles:

Innovative and User-friendly System

Flexible and Scalable

Single and Double Sided Solutions

LED Light Boxes with Perfect Light Distribution

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

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