M-Floor, the patented modular flooring concept by Exposure Systems

We developed modular building systems for the Retail, Event, Automotive, AV and Stand and Interior market.

In addition to our well-known modular frame system called the M series, Exposure Systems has developed a new modular floor system, M-Floor.

The world around us is changing rapidly, also the demand for a user-friendly floor system that can be used in a modular, “Tool Less” manner, but with a substantial bearing capacity. The developers of Exposure Systems have succeeded in coming up with a completely new floor concept.

Modular simplicity

The M-Floor is modular, but not only in terms of dimensions, but also in terms of capacity.

The standard version has a bearing capacity of no less than 1000 KG per M2, but can be transformed into a floor with a bearing capacity of no less than 2750 KG per m2. Electric vehicles, trucks and even armored cars shine on our new floor system.

A complete system for many application areas

Our floor is mainly used in (car) showrooms, exhibition stands and events, but can also be used in retail environments.

Finish on a higher level!

With the M-Floor you can reach a higher level, literally and figuratively. Naturally, the finishing of your floor is also considered. There are two variants in terms of edge finishing, the sloping and the straight finish. Lighting can also be placed in the edge finish. You can then set the desired border color with your mobile phone or remote control, so extra Exposure!

See the photos of the edge finishes.

Disabled access

The raised floor offers many advantages, but we also want to make the floor accessible for your disabled customers. After all, the load-bearing capacity of the floor is already solid enough to support the electrically driven wheelchairs. See below the versions of our disabled modules.

Choose your topping

As soon as the aluminum frame and the wooden inlay panel have been placed, you choose your finish level yourself, for example:

  • (PVC) laminate
  • Carpet
  • Parquet
  • High gloss or matte lacquered panels

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