Exposure Systems produces printed graphics on both sheet-fed material & silicone edged textiles to on sophisticated industrial printers.  Our investments in advanced print technology allow us to create visuals with brilliance and depth of color.  We print at widths up to 10ft (3.2m) on textiles or 8ft (m) on rigid substrates (wider options are available with seams), over 1000 sqft/hr (93 sqm/hr).  Additionally, thanks to our large-scale operation and advanced automation, we are able to deliver exceptional quality within just 5 business days.

Print Technology

While most customers are primarily interested in the quality of the end product, if you are interested in learning more about our printing and finishing process, please read on for more detailed information.

Printing & Fixation

Textile prints are printed on polyester with dispersed dye inks, using a dye sublimation process with a heat calendar for fixation. The heat of the calendar locks the dyes into the fabric at a temperature of about 382F (200C). Flatbed UV printers are used for sheet material, where the UV dyes are directly printed on the substrate and immediately cured by UV lamps.


Prints are then transferred to a computer-controlled cutting table. Cameras match registration marks to the associated cut file to line up the print. The cutter then makes fast and precise cuts, on virtually any print material.


Quality is an ongoing part of our process, with control checks happening after the printing, cutting and finishing stages.  This process ensures the end product matches the exact desired specifications.


Prints are packed and sealed to ensure no damage occurs during shipment.  While different materials have different packing requirements, every print is handled with extreme care.